All desired throughputs can be achieved.

Type of product: Type - Z

Centrifugal separator type Z


  • Cleaning of aqueous liquids of solids
  • Separation sizes down to 5 µm achievable
  • Liquid cleaning on machine tools, in particular on grinding machines, transfer lines and machining centers
  • Parts washing systems
  • Vehicle washing systems
  • Wire drawing machines
  • Rolling machines
  • Pre-filtration with ultra-filtration
  • Solids recovery
  • Thickening
  • Fractioning
ZYKLOMAT® Hydrocyclone


By combining any desired number of individual ZYKLOMAT® hydrocyclones to form lengthwise or round distributor units, any desired throughputs can be achieved.


Elastomers, plastomers, stainless steel

Advantages of hydrocyclone plants

e.g. for cooling lubricant cleaning (emulsion)

  • Higher, more optimum degree of filtration -separation size approx. 5 µm.
  • Separation of magnetic and non-magnetic particles.
  • Uniform, constant, automatic aeration of the cooling lubricants, resulting in increased service life.
  • No over-leaning of the cooling lubricants.
  • Safe to operate due to the use of outstanding materials and high wall thickness.
  • Low-maintenance.
  • No continuous costs for filter aids and their disposal

Mode of operation

ZYKLOMAT® hydrocyclone

The liquid to be cleaned flows under pressure tangentially into the cylindrical inlet area of the ZYKLOMAT® hydrocyclone formed with an inlet spiral.

In the subsequent conical section, the flow direction of the suspension is spiral-shaped, whereby the spiral continuously narrows toward the underflow nozzle.

With the tangential inlet the liquid forms a primary eddy near the wall in which the separation of the solid particles takes place under the influence of the strong centrifugal effect. In the process, the particles with a higher specific weight than the liquid are transported out of the primary eddy toward the wall.

The particles slide along the smooth inner side of the ZYKLOMAT® hydrocyclone to the underflow nozzle, where they are separated out of the underflow nozzle with a small quantity of liquid (concentration). As a result of the throttling effect caused by the conical shape, the ZYKLOMAT hydrocyclone forces the liquid eddy to reverse directions before it reaches the tip of the underflow nozzle.

As a secondary eddy spinning in the same direction, the cleaned liquid rises in the secondary eddy to the ZYKLOMAT® upper course. The liquid existing in the upper course of the ZYKLOMAT® hydrocyclone has only a minimal solids content.

A stable air core is located within the secondary eddy which can uniformly aerate the liquid.