This system is often used as a pre-filter before the actual ultra-filtration.

Type of product: Type - ABF

Flat-bed belt filter Type ABF


  • Grinding
  • Drilling
  • Turning
  • Milling
  • Honing
  • Eroding
  • Cooling water
  • Rolling
  • Drawing (wire - profiles - pipes)
  • Pre-filtration before ultra-filtration
  • Sludge dewatering or waste-water purification
  • Cleaning degreasing and paint removal baths
Automatic belt filter Model ABF
Automatic belt filter Model ABF

This system is successfully used to clean cooling lubricants, such as emulsions or low-viscosity machining oils in the metal-working industry, as well as for many cleaning liquids.

Decisive for use is the minimal space requirement, excellent value for the money and the extremely rugged design..

Without lifting pump

No lifting pumps are required with smaller filter models. The soiled liquid then flows directly from the machine discharge into the inlet area of the belt filter. In the waste-water treatment sector this system is often used as a pre-filter before the actual ultra-filtration. The advantage of the filter lies in its completely automatic, continuous mode of operation.

Mode of operation

Automatic belt filter, model ABF

Step 1

The soiled liquid continuously flows through the inlet sieve into the filter recess lined with filter fleece. The recess is formed by a 3-part wire strap.

Step 2

The dirt particles are held back by the filter fleece and form a filter cake which acts increasingly as a filtering aid. The cleaned liquid is caught in the clean liquid tank located below the belt filter.

Step 3

Following saturation of the filter fleece, the liquid level rises into the filter recess. At the maximum liquid level the filter fleece feed is automatically actuated by a level switch. Fresh fleece is drawn in. The used medium is pushed out of the filter recess and caught in a dirt box.

Step 4

The type and quantity of the liquid soiling determine the fleece consumption. The filtered liquid is returned to the consumer with a pump.