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System ZKR

Mode of operation

The liquid soiled by the machining process flows through return pipes or rinsing channels, or via a lifting pump unit into the dirt tank of the plant. In this tank section the larger, heavier particles sediment and are discharged by a slowly moving scraper conveyor. This scraper conveyor operates intermittently, i.e. the feed takes place in cycles and causes additional sludge dewatering. With an adjustable dwell time the liquid can drain out of the liquid bath following the exit of a feed angle and largely dewater the material being conveyed.

System ZKR - Mode of operation
System ZKR

Several angled scrapers are equipped with a special rubber lip as required to also take hold of and reliably discharge sedimented ultra-fine sludge. A scraper device mounted on the discharge of the scraper tank removes the dirt still adhering to the angled transporters, reducing soiling of the liquid when reentering the angled scraper. This device is equipped with a rubber mounting as standard to dampen the noises which occur.

The ZYKLOMAT pump sucks the liquid soiled with finer and lighter particles out of the dirt tank, compresses it to approx. 3 bar and carries it to the ZYKLOMAT hydrocyclones, which separate the dirt particles from the liquid down to the separation size of 5 µm (Model Z1) or 10 µm (Model Z2) in just seconds.

The liquid cleaned by the ZYKLOMAT hydrocyclones flows to the clean tank, which is generally located at the end of the scraper tank. The corresponding machines are supplied with cleaned medium again from this tank. The abrasion separated by the ZYKLOMAT hydrocyclones exits the hydrocyclones with parts of the liquid at the underflow nozzles and sediments in the dirt tank. A highly effective aeration of the liquid (oxygen supply) is achieved with an automatic air intake at the underflow openings of the ZYKLOMAT hydrocyclones. The air bubbles are carried into the clean tank with the clean liquid and achieve an effect similar to flotation there. Any residual particles still contained in the liquid are carried upward by the air bubbles and rinsed back into the dirt tank with the excess clean fluid. As a result, the clean tank remains free of deposits and sediments even after many years of operation.

System ZKR