Processing of small and large volume flows.

Type of Product: Type - KR

Scraper conveyors type KR


  • Treatment of fluids at flow rates ranging from 50 l per min. to 30,000 l per min.
  • Integrated scraper conveyor, capable of extracting sludge of paste consistency or granular-type solids and chips from any fluid without any problems
  • Mechanical processing of steel, non ferrous metals and hard alloys
  • Grinding
  • Turning/milling
  • Honing/polishing
  • Effluent treatment
  • Cleaning and degreasing baths
  • Wash stations for cars, transport vehicles, buses and trains
Scraper conveyor
Scraper conveyor

The system is based on a sedimentation tank with a scraper-type conveyor. In many cases, it is often sufficient merely to extract the sediment in order to remove impurities from the contaminated fluid. Further fine filtration stages may be connected downstream, such as tried and tested ZYKLOMAT hydrocyclones, multi-plate separators or compact belt filters which employ nonwoven fabric filter elements or a reusable endless belt.

Mode of operation

The liquid contaminated by the machining process reaches the dirt tank of the plant through return pipes or rinsing channels or via a lifting station. In this part of the tank, the larger, heavier particles sediment and are discharged by a slow-running scraper conveyor. This scraper conveyor works intermittently, i.e. the feed takes place in cycles and causes additional sludge dewatering. By means of an adjustable holding time, the liquid can run off after the discharge of a conveying angle from the liquid bath and dewater the material to be conveyed as far as possible.

Depending on requirements, several scraper angles are equipped with a special rubber lip in order to collect and safely discharge the likewise sedimented fine sludge. A scraper device mounted on the discharge side of the scraper container removes the remaining dirt from the conveying angles and thus reduces contamination of the liquid when the scraper angle re-enters. As standard, this device is equipped with a rubber bearing to dampen the noise.

Scraper conveyor - Mode of operation