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Compact cartridge filters type AKKF

Oil Filtration with Precoat Filtration System Quality

Special oils with very low viscosities are used increasingly in modern grinding techniques. This has the advantage that less force has to be used for cutting than was previously the case.
Previously used filtration processes like the classic precoat filtration system (which has certainly until now represented the measure of things in matters of filtration fineness) or belt filter equipment, which has a favourable price-performance ratio, but often does not achieve the required filtration fineness.

Compact cartridge filters
Compact cartridge filters

Increased demands for cleanliness and residual pollution as well as the attempt to make the peripheral processes low in waste or as far as possible waste-free, led to the development of the so-called compact cartridge filter. These special cartridges, adapted particularly for the filtration of low-viscosity cutting oil, are capable of achieving filtration finenesses which before now were only achieved by precoat filtration systems using relatively large amounts of filter aids (diatomite, cellulose, ...).

Mode of operation

The special cartridges are placed in a filter vessel, which is supplied with polluted liquid by a filter pump. The liquid flows through the cartridge where the solid particles are deposited on the outside of the filter cartridge. The purified liquid is fed into the clean tank via a pipe. The pump(s) installed there supply the attached machine(s) with the purified cooling lubricant.

Like the precoat filtration system, this is a matter of an intermittent processing sequence, i.e. the filtration process must be briefly interrupted for regeneration purposes.
The actual regeneration consists of at least 2 steps:


  1. Emptying the pollutant area (filter vessel)
  2. Backwashing the special cartridge with a small quantity of pure oil or flushing compressed air

In principle, the backwashing can also be followed by flushing the filter vessel with a purified medium. The backflushing liquid is processed again in a separate device (sedimentation container with a trough scraper or compact belt filter) and the whole process is made available. The backwashing can be operated or initiated both automatically and manually.

Depending on the size of the installation, the clean tank container capacity can be chosen so that there is no need for any interruption in the operation of the machine supply pumps. In the case of large installations, consisting of several filtration modules, only individual groups or modules are regenerated, in order to maintain the filtration capacity at the highest level.

Compact cartridge filters - Mode of operation


  • Grinding
  • Honing
  • Turning/milling (with pre-separation)
  • Polishing
  • Lapping